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Love Reiki & Aura Reading & Regression

Toshie Nagamori

Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Love Healing

Aura Reading


Spiritual Classes and sessions in general.

In 2005, after the most painful suffering as a human being, but in opposit of it, it was the most greateful and thankful learning for the lost spirit at that time. She was led to the path of love and compassion healing.


Healing session $90

Others Spiritual Classes 3~4 h $70

Reiki is the natural healing energy of the living beings.
For the healthy body, we need energy balance.
By promoting our energy balance, our immune system goes up to fight negative energies and diseases.
Reiki Master’s objective is the health and consequently happiness of all, by cleansing the blockages and raising the energy level.
Physical body is the reflex of spiritual body and vice-versa.
Reiki teaches us to live our lives with positive and happy energy.
Our complete Certified Traditional Reiki Master Course includes Reiki I, II, III and IV. It can be completed in 3~5 days of 4~5 hours class.
* As the intention is love for the better world, the price was unchanged for more than 11 years. Apologizing for any inconvenience, the course will be $390 from November 1, 2018.

Appointment: 310-561-0330


Energy Healing & Oracle Card Reading

Kiyo Okada

In 2010 learned Reiki from Toshie . During one of the attunements, felt electric waves running through the entire body, from the top of the head to the toe. The Healing energy took over, making him able to share healing energy with others.

The following 5 years, dived into the spitual world, learning more and more in the seminars and classes.

After that, in the nature of Topanga Canyon and Lake Shrine, started to get messages from Paramahansa Yogananda.

Before the Summer of 2017, his heart, hard and full of unnecessary things, started to melt and his healing energy lightened and changed.

Healing 40 min $60.

Offering Oracle Card Healing after the session.

Winery, farms healing $60 per acre

Appointment: 310-701-7159 (text or message)


Tuning Forks Sound/Vibration Therapy & Reiki Healing

Tuning Forks Frequency Healing is based on the principle that everything in the Universe is made of  vibration.  Tuning forks can assist the immune system, by stimulating the flow of lymph and blood to the area of application thereby speeding up the healing process, and promote deep relaxation to the body to heal it self.


It is depending on which forks are used, but It's fast and effective through sympathetic resonance to bring each meridian and its corresponding organ's back into harmony. Frequencies of Tuning Forks also has a powerful regulatory effect on the entire nervous system, muscle tone into harmonic balance, and it helps regulating the metabolism of all the organs, feeling centered, your mind will be at peace.

It helps balancing your DNA system to reconnect your inner being and leading back to the path of your soul purpose.

Tuning Fork is the best tool to adjust the frequencies of your body and energy field.

Science has established that all things are made up of atoms and it is the movement, or vibration of those atoms, that determines the form of all matter. Current research has also validated that every cell, tissue and organ in the body vibrates at a certain frequency when healthy and another when stressed. However, mainstream medicine is primarily concerned with chemistry and ignores frequency even though all of human health is influenced by physics/ frequency/ vibration. Chemical treatment is a band aid solution. When the body frequency is coherent all chemical reactions and cell functions in the body are harmonious and balanced.

  • Provides instantaneous, deep state of relaxation

  • Improves mental clarity and brain functioning

  • Increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration

  • Relieves stress by drawing your body into a centered space

  • Develops and refines your sonic abilities

  • Enhances massage, acupressure, dreamwork and meditation

  • Brings your nervous system into balance

  • Integrates left and right brain thought patterns

Therapy Session Price

After the adjustment of frequencies for your energy and body, you will receive some indications  how to live a full life to keep your frequencies high.


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