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About Us

WAVE (Frequency Waves) studio is dedicated to bringing the wellness for the body, mind and spirit to all aged people for all levels, and also for people who have disabilities.  We have group/private classes of Yoga, Dance and Music, and also workshop of arts and energy works, mainly in Japanese language. We also offer Educational programs, Summer Camp, Healing sessions.  WAVE studio features well-trained, international, professional Japanese speaking instructors and tutors, progressive teaching methods, encouraging atmosphere.


Miyuki Matsunaga, (miyukiart.com) founder-Director of WAVE studio, is an actress, voice artist and professional performing artist who perform throughout the US and Europe, She is also a well-trained Yoga teacher and Reiki/Tuning Forks Frequency certified healer using kinesiology. (miyukiyoga.com) Miyuki obtained a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Child Education and Museum Curator’s certificate at the university in Japan and International Yoga therapy license and Reiki master certificate in India. She has own tuning forks healing skills certificate course at WAVE studio.


Healers Class

Certified Reiki Master
Certified Tuning Forks Healer
Spiritual & Energy
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